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Ouga Booga and the Mighty Oug is a collective of heavy music lovers and enthusiasts.

Born out of the idea that we, as 1000mods band, had - to have our own agency that would handle anything bands alike might need. 

From vinyl production and pressing, to van and backline rental for touring around Europe, all the way to booking and promotion - we've got you covered. With thousands of shows behind us, we have seen it all, from small basements to huge arenas. Knowing all ups and downs is why we are sure that we have something special to offer to others starting similar journey that we're on.

Below you will find service offerings we are currently covering at Ouga Booga.

In case you cannot find what you look for, our mails are always open, so get in touch anytime and we will gladly assist if able.  

A quote from the band about collaboration with Ouga Booga Crew

- Frenzee

A quote from the band about collaboration with Ouga Booga Crew

- Godspeed

A quote from the band about collaboration with Ouga Booga Crew

- Sadhus

Record label

Ouga Booga Recordings is a south European independent record label.

Our record label is focused on heavy tunes such as stoner rock, punk rock and similar. We help great bands release vinyls with our in-house production.

Vinyl pressing

We manufacture vinyl records providing the best sound quality and good running times.

Records are available on black or colored vinyls. Standard simple spined covers and gatefold covers. Any type of packaging is available upon request.

We will produce your entire order within 1 month after the test pressing approval.​ Get in touch with us for a quote.

Current production time: 2-3 months for test pressings.

Tour support

We offer bands and artists of all kinds van and backline rental to ease their travels across Europe.

Currently, we have 2 vans on the road and 3 sets of backline we could offer to you while touring around. Since we have thousands tour days experience behind us, we're very well aware of all logistic needs to get you on the road.

We remove all of the hassle to you so you can enjoy your craft.

Booking & Promotion

While not on the road by ourselves, we offer ocassionally booking and promotion services to artists we like to collaborate with.

Currently we have limited resources to organize shows, tours, do the PR and marketing strategies. Since bands on our roster are top priority for us, please have understanding that we have limited spots and availability.

Let's make it happen!

Get in touch with us for a quote.

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Featured Releases

Support artists from our roster and purchase their music. You can do that by buying vinyls from our store or by going to their bandcamp profiles and purchase digital album versions.

  • Frenzee LP

    From €20,00

  • 1000mods - Youth of Dissent LP